Live Life Without Limits.

My unique skillset as a Holistic Health and Energy Coach allows me to help you overcome your limitations so you can live life without limits.


Stress is the number one cause of illness, causing disharmony to our wellbeing. Stress can stem from work, environment, financial,  family, ancestry, geopolitical, spiritual, diet, relationships, etc. When one or more of these areas of our lives become unbalanced due to stress, it can start to negatively impact on our wellbeing, eventually impacting on our daily lives. 

My mission is to help you life a life without limitations and blindspots that are causing you stress or holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

My Story

From Psychology to Psychic.

An insight into how I became The No Limits Coach 

You are always one decision away from transforming your life.

Mark Batterson

1-1 Coaching Sessions

Featuring: Full-Spectrum Infared Sauna, Photobiomodulation and BEMER vascular therapy.

Bioindividualized Fasting Programs

Reach your goals faster with your

33-day fasting program

Fertility Programs

From infertility to menstrual issues, 12-week fertility programs to help overcome your issues. 

"The only thing that limits us are the constraints they put on our imagination. "

Raymon Grace

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