1:1 Coaching session

50-min transformational coaching session.

My coaching sessions are multifaceted.

I will look into all aspects of your life (e.g. relationships, diet, careers, financial, your hobbies, spiritual) and beyond (i.e. your energetic self and the background influences affecting you.)


We can’t compartmentalise our lives, or our bodies. If you have an issue in one area of your life, it is likely to be affecting other aspects of your life, whether knowingly or not. 


This depends on you. Some people respond well to hands on healing, others dowsing, tapping, healing prayers, visualisation, breathing, etc. 

I will use my unique gifts to move and clear the energetic dysfunction or blindspots, that are holding you back from living the life you want. 

Remember: Growth isn’t a linear journey and it takes time. It can be challenging at times, but I will be there to guide and support you. 

Transformational Toolbox: 

If interested, I will teach you how to test and clear energy, so you are empowered and can live a life without limitations or blind spots. This will take time and commitment, but it is also greatly rewarding.

In person coaching: Synergistic Healing

Multi-level approach to promote self-healing. 

Sessions will take place in the Wellness Kitchen, a private, quiet space with reverse-osmosis, remineralised water and organic beverages.

After your coaching session, you will receive two 8-minute rounds of BEMER Vascular Therapy to enhance blood flow.
When working efficiently, our blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout our body and removes metabolic waste from our cells.
When the body is under stress, or is working inefficiently, a lack of oxygen, nutrient absorption and cellular waste removal can not only be detrimental to health in the long-term, it impairs the bodies natural ability to heal. 

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After your BEMER session, you will then experience 40mins of the Full-Spectrum Infared Sauna with Medical Grade Chromotherapy

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