Part of my journey was spent with the TEDS Foundation at the healing farm in Virginia, being a witness and participating in miracles. I am currently on the board of advisors and volunteer my time there during the summer months.

TANKA Solutions grew from the idea of the first buffalo given to man, that provided for all of man’s needs. I am one of the elite team members for TANKA.

TEDS Foundation


The TEDS Foundation is non-profit organisation located at the healing farm in the mountains of Virginia. Surrounded by nature, limited technology and organic or home-grown vegetables and produce from the animals to help support and nourish your body holistically.

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Tanka Solutions

A powerful and unrivalled team with over 30 years of experience to provide solutions for your issues.

An elite service for when you need a dedicated and powerful team to help you overcome the impossible and deliver powerful results, discreetly.

If you have a desire to live a better quality of life and perform/operate at the highest level possible - we are the best in the world at getting you there.

EVERYBODY has a need to eliminate their major blindspots and stress in their life or business.

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