About Me

Psychic Visionary and Healer

Siobhan McManus is a London based angelic healer, psychic visionary, medical intuitive and holistic health coach with a background in Psychology. 
Her unique skillset allows her to dig deep and uncover energetic blind spots and eliminate energetic stress that causes dysfunction and limits to her clients’ lives and wellbeing. 
Siobhan has helped entertainers, politicians, animals, athletes, teachers, other healers, CEO’s and children overcome debilitating and life-threatening diseases, sports injuries, and issues with relationships, financial, business and fertility issues in couples where IVF treatments have been unsuccessful.
Over the years of intensive learning and teaching, Siobhan continues to expand her skillset to offer her clients different healing modalities, ensuring that her clients have access to synergistic healing.  

She also encourages her clients to develop their own toolbox, teaching people the skills to determine the influences that disrupt the harmony and performance in their life or others. 

My Vision & Mission

Synergistic Healing Model and Destination 2039 prediction. 

I have two main projects going on right now, alongside my personal mission to help my clients live a live without limits.

The first project is a personal vision of mine and my expression of multi-level and accessible healing. Everyone responds differently to various healing modalities which is why I have a transformational toolbox rather than just one tool to fix everything.

The second project is a collective effort that isn’t limited to just the actions of my team. The bottom line of this vision is there is no Planet B: We have world renown experts that if things don’t change, the world will be in a perpetual crisis. Here is the link for more information regarding Destination 2039.

“Participating in our own growth and healing journey is the greatest act of

self-love. ”

Siobhan McManus