My Story

From Psychic to Psychology

There are two versions:

V1 : A brief timeline of events leading me to where I am today

V2: An unfiltered version, detailing how I became The No Limits Coach. 

V1: Short Version

A brief insight into how I got here.

 8 Years ago...

  • Seemingly overnight, my digestive tract just stopped functioning (vomiting after eating, cramps, diarrhoea, bloating.)

  • Unhelpful doctor(s), I saw a nutritionist who sent away a blood test for food allergies... It came back with almost everything of the 150 foods tested!)

7 Years ago...

  • Went vegan and saw a Health Coach, realised the digestive tract and stress was beyond my food choices and eating habits.

  • Began my own Health Coaching course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. I turned my back on a great opportunity to shadow a Clinical Psychologist, funding for a masters, etc.

 6 Years ago...

  • Last minute decision to fly to a Chateau in Otteveny, Hungary to attend a weekend seminar where I met IIN Alumni, Sean McCarthy. Told me I had candida (wahaaaa?!) First time introduced to energy.

5 Years ago...

  • Candida free and a few seminars later, started dowsing under the guidance of Raymon Grace (

  • Shaolin Monk at one seminar, also an energy healer. Sean saved his life, His symptoms started coming back, Sean turned to me and said “heal him”.

5 Years ago...cont

  • ​Shaolin Monk turned to me, not speaking a word of English before and said “You are a very powerful healer, you see many things but you do not realise it.”

  • Interned intensively, learning about different types of healing modalities at a holistic healing retreat for three months, under Sean’s guidance.


I am coaching clients, establishing myself in London after many years of working with clients across different time zones, empowering them with toolboxes so they can live a life without limits. I am also mentoring and teaching others whilst riding the ups and downs and of my own self-growth and overcoming challenges.

V2: The Unfiltered Version

Put the kettle on.

The Beginning


I have always wanted to be of service. It actually started with childhood dreams of becoming a vet and saving all the animals. 

However, I couldn't watch animals, real or animated (Mufasa </3) die without crying hysterically so that wasn’t a feasible career option for me. 

From the age of 16, I began volunteering at MIND and continued gaining work experience in different institutes and studying psychology, because I felt that this career ticked all of my boxes:

  • Helps people

  • Distracts me from my own issues

  • Deeper insight into human behaviour

  • Approval from parents

  • Feel good about myself 

  • Took the pressure away from “decide what you’re going to do as a job for the rest of your life at the age of 16” 

It also felt very linear and I felt more and more disillusioned as I continued, but I also felt comfortable in having a direction to follow and it seemed normal: just follow a career to the end goal to employment and you’ll be fine. 

"Looking back, I feebly hoped that when I became a Clinical Psychologist, I would change the system (that was what I was most passionate about but I lacked the courage to see it through.)

I was caught up in fear of standing out. I was a full-time approval junkie, eternally frustrated at wanting change but not knowing how or willing to speak up. "


...I felt restricted in helping the people I worked with and felt that issues were being managed or subdued, not fully resolved or given enough attention. 
I once stood up in a lecture to congratulate a guest speaker, a mental health advocate for taking a stand in his field and changing the dynamics to really help his patients. He faced adversity and didn’t give up. 
This was out of character but to see someone be courageous enough to stand up against adversity, that was the courage I longed for but didn’t have.

The Hidden Trauma

IT IS ALSO SAID THAT PEOPLE STUDY PSYCHOLOGY... heal their own issues. I guess for me, I wanted to understand people as much as help them. I think in a similar way people become healers, it’s also easy to devote your time helping others, whilst avoiding your own issues and trauma. 
Something I rarely talk about is my history of sexual abuse.
It was fairly mild but frequent, beginning with my Maths tutor when I was 8 and continued with family members, work colleagues, bosses, teachers, friends. Each time I just shut down and ignored what had happened. 
My earliest experience of not being believed and still being tutored led me to believe that I was powerless and at fault.

For me, I also had this underlying trauma that I never dealt with because I blamed myself. 

I applied logic to what happened by seeing that I was the only variable that hadn’t changed; therefore, I must have “attracted” it somehow. 


From my experience and how I see things, dysfunction or events appear energetically before they manifest physically and that yes, you can break free of old patterns when you know where to look or what is causing you to be stuck in this cycle. 
It’s not always a lesson or karma or some kind of divine intervention to feel pain before you ascend or “grow”. Sometimes, it’s just shitty energy you’re unaware of that serves no purpose other than to cause you dysfunction and keep you distracted from being the best version of yourself. 
As I continued on my journey, I became less enthusiastic about psychology as I perceived it didn't really help enough of the person. I always felt something was missing, I always questioned why wasn’t there anything that helped a person fully? Why did everything seem like we had to be put into boxes and labelled and diagnosed and sent away?

Nutrition, health issues and the start of my healing journey


...“Foods that Harm, Foods That Heal” (my overactive imagination and fictional books were not a good combination so I wasn’t allowed to read anything that could trigger nightmares.) I read it over and over again and was fascinated by all of the ailments and the different foods you should eat or avoid. 
That being said, I continued to eat junk food until midway through University, until an early morning lecture with a photo of a “cauliflower brain” from Alzheimer’s disease scared me into becoming obsessed about degenerative ageing and eating better. 
I did become obsessed to the point where I ordered my first blender, all of the “superfood” powders (chlorella, spirulina, he shou wu, maca, camu, etc) and tried to eat at least 15 portions of fruit and vegetables daily. 
I was incredibly bloated but I still thought I was being healthy, whilst creating the most disgusting smoothies I have ever tasted because I was more concerned about adding all of the powders I bought and drinking it as fast as I could because this was ultimate health. 
It wasn’t. 
After years of this inner turmoil, trying to fit into this career I decided to pursue,

My once robust digestive tract seemed to develop symptoms where I experienced stomach pain after eating.

I’d be constipated one moment then have explosive diarrhoea. 

I’d eat something simple like eggs or cauliflower and be sick within ten minutes of eating. 

I felt out of control of my own body and I felt scared. 


...I was eating very clean so I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I was having colonics every week and it seemed like my colon wasn’t working with the amount of waste I was still storing. The hydrotherapist who I believe helped me a lot on this journey, was also a nutritionist and took a blood test for allergies. 

It came back with so many allergies I wanted to cry.

I was in shock.

My diet became so restricted, it was mostly smoothies, juices, little protein, fats (only from avocados at one point OR a handful of nuts) because I had allergies to nearly everything. It was also around the same time I discovered a popular nutritionist who seemed to hold all of the answers and I put her on a pedestal. 

She was my nutritional vegan guru. 

I want digress from my story for a moment to say that everyone is right sometimes, no one should be your guru, not your coach, therapist, mother, husband, Instagram Influencer or that person who appears to “have it all”. 

They can be your guides, your inspiration or support but don’t be a blind follower. Ask questions, do your research and develop your own self-intuition and independence. 

I took another test and it came back with a spinach allergy. 

A f***ing spinach allergy.


I couldn’t really eat much else and I thought it was a healthy thing to do. 

I believe this is where my eating disorderescalated, I feel it really started when I was at Uni, because it was the first time I experienced freedom to choose what or how I ate, outside of my controlled, restricted and sheltered upbringing. 

I didn’t feel in control of my body and I just wanted to be healthy. I met a couple through the gym I was training at, one of them was a Health Coach and I remember thinking how much she glowed and looked so healthy. I wanted to be as healthy as she was and have this magical glow. 

I have found another guru and someone to look up to. 

This is a really good example of how I used to eat during this time.

The vibrant colours of my meal (before the predominantly liquid diet* of smoothies, juices, soups) made me believe that I was being incredibly healthy.

In reality,  I was being incredibly restrictive in my pursuit of healthiness.
In reality, as vibrant and as beautiful as this meal may look, there was a consistent lack of complex carbohydrates (I believe I added a sweet potato to my smoothies every three days or so) no fats (apart from half an avocado) and nearly zero protein (unless you counted my plant based protein shake after the gym.
*I’m not against short-term liquid diets. In fact I think it’s great for the digestive system to have a rest at times so the body can focus on healing in other areas.

Nutrition etc cont.


...I was amazed and in awe at all of the different aspects we discussed in my life. I thought it would be about food and maybe exercise, nothing more.

Shortly after, I made an impulsive decision to become a Health Coach. I was deeply inspired and felt this is how I want to help people.

I signed up to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York,  where she studied. I didn’t look too deeply into the course, I was just mesmerised at this concept of helping people in an unstructured way and I wanted to help people so badly. 

At the time, I was taking supplements for nearly every organ in my body. I think my body needed the extra support at the time, especially as I wasn’t dealing with stress well and had developed an eating dogma where I was convinced that being a nearly raw vegan was best for my health at the time.

It wasn’t.  

I have been vegan in the past where it has benefitted me, but that time the raw food was difficult for my system to handle and I was constantly cold and constipated. 

As I started studying, I was fascinated by the 100s of dietary theories, but paid more attention to the primary foods- which was beyond food. This blew my mind. 

The last-minute decision that changed everything.


...I was intrigued by the title. I also have a competitive side and wanted to ‘be the best’ (aka I wanted approval and validation.) Initially, I wasn’t going to go. Then as per, I booked everything and for some reason, I became really really scared. 

By the time I arrived at the airport in Vienna, then the Chateau, I was overwhelmed and already wanted to go home.  

During the journey to the Chateau, I was accompanied by this very confident and glamourous lady from Monaco who was also studying at IIN. She appeared to have such a strong direction whilst I was wondering why I even came here and what was I doing with my life.

I questioned everything.

I didn’t say much during the journey, I let her talk and asked a few questions. We arrived at the Chateau and I stood there and tried to make myself small as the other lady greeted everyone like they were old friends, another person I looked up to. 

Sean, the person running this seminar looked at me and said “How are you?” I whispered “I’m okay”, broke eye contact and turned around. I just didn’t want to be seen by anyone and wanted to go home.  

I also remember being incredibly anxious about the food there because of all of my allergies at the time. Looking back, I realise now I used those allergies as a way to control my food and how I ate. 

I was an approval junkie AND a control freak.

That was internally confusing. But then, I wanted to control how people saw me so perhaps not so much after all. 

It was also around the time I used to wear huge scarves- even in the summer.

Without realising it, I just wanted to hide from the world. Whilst I was there, my need for approval amplified so much that it seemed to resurface this paranoia and fear that no one in the room liked or would like me.

It was also around the time I used to wear huge scarves- even in the summer.

Without realising it, I just wanted to hide from the world. 

Whilst I was there, my need for approval amplified so much that it seemed to resurface this paranoia and fear that no one in the room liked or would like me.


Sean started talking about energy on a numerical scale (The Hawkins Scale of consciousness) and how the energy in the room was a really low number.

I genuinely believed that I was dragging the room down with my existence and would be asked to leave. 

The best part about this exercise was when he said:  

“It doesn’t matter how low the number is or how bad the energy is, because these things can be changed, energy is constantly moving and you can move it or replace or change it.”  


I was a human waterfall that weekend. 

I did not see that coming. It felt like years of sadness, frustration and anger just came pouring out.

No one could barely understand me between hiding behind my scarf and trying to talk whilst hyperventilating.

I also kept leaving the room to grab more tissues because I literally couldn’t stop crying.

I remember growing up, I was told to stop being so dramatic if I cried, stop being so emotional. I tried not to cry or be emotional.

I believe crying can be healing I still cry sometimes, and I feel better after. 

Before that weekend, I used to pretend I was positive, I was so good at pretending and hiding, I believed my own bullshit. 

The seminar went from collective speaking about energy in the room, then going around the room for individual energy readings, whilst

everyone was in the room. It was exposing and I hated it.  

One of the things he said to me was “You are a very good actress.” I immediately thought he was implying that my tears were fake, he meant

that I hide behind multiple personas to hide from the world. 

I didn’t see it straight away because I used to think I was an honest person. In reality, I was a chameleon, shifting into different characters so I

could fit in and again, feed my inner approval junkie. 

He told me I had candida, which I thought was impossible because I didn’t eat sugar or any junk food but he said I had it since I was 12. My allergies turned out to be a symptom of the severe candida overgrowth in my gut. 

He also told me about the generational issues regarding my gallbladder. 

This shifted my reservation and scepticism towards energy healing.


My mum had her gallbladder removed and the women on my mum’s side of the family, as he said, had issues with their gallbladder. 

I remember how crazy it was when he spoke about energy and whipped out this pendulum casually and it started spinning.


I felt powerful shifts in energy but I kept wondering how and is this real? It felt real but is this really real? Is this a joke? 

He looked at me unexpectedly and said that I could be powerful. I tried not to laugh and at first I didn’t believe he was talking to me. I actually turned around to see he who he was talking to, and everyone seemed to be looking at me. 

A charismatic Irish lady who was a psychic also said I was very powerful, as did a few others. I just thought they were being nice or just wanted me to feel better about myself. 

I just didn’t believe them. Who am I to be a powerful person? 

I left feeling inspired and I wanted to know what he knew. The days following, I felt light and I was smiling randomly and just felt happy. 

I went to his next seminar, I was still scared but more curious.

What is this energy? 

Why can I and everyone else feel it when he didn’t appear to do anything? 

The Blind Psychic


and I was in this extreme imbalance between green smoothies that would still cause bloating and well, junk. 
I couldn’t find a balance and again I didn't feel in control. I believe this was still disordered eating at this point.  
He told me to close my eyes and go in to my breath.
I had no idea what he was talking about,
I just did it.
He said "what do you see you should eat?"
I listed grains and quinoa. He asked me where I am, what do I see?

I was in a field, I was a slave and as I looked down, I saw my hands weren’t my hands.


...I asked why my appearance had changed and he explained I was a slave in a past life and as grains were cheap to give slaves so I should avoid them or clear them of that energy (I didn't know I could back then so I just avoided them.)
He told me to close my eyes again. 
This time I saw I should be eating berries exclusively. Sounds unbalanced but okay. Again, he asked “what do you see?” 
I looked around and I was near a forest, but it was like I was on the ground or that the trees were just huge.
I didn’t say much because I was confused.
He said I was a little girl in that life. So it made sense after why everything seemed so big. 
This happened a few more times, one time I was meant to be eating fish and wild meat but hesitated to say because I felt this overwhelming guilt as I was hunting an animal and hesitated. 
He explained that what we feel we should be eating, craving or allergic to can be influenced by our past lives, whether we are grounded in the present etc.
Would you believe I walked away from that seminar not realising I could see energy or look into past lives?
I was blind to my own abilities.
Actually, it took me a few years to not brush people off when they spoke about this,  
I became more interested in energy and bought a book he recommended: Techniques that Work for Me by Raymon Grace. I taught myself how to use a pendulum and it was the first time in my life that something I was learning felt natural and easy. I became obsessed with learning and practicing and testing, clearing.

The scarf, rounded shoulders, avoiding eye contact.

I felt inferior to everyone else in the room.

There was a door right behind me, I was sat with my back to Sean as he was talking and sometimes I'd leave for the door to get more tissues or just breathe.

Leaving the symbolic super scarf behind.

Where's the scarf??

It wasn't until the third seminar that I decided to leave my scarf behind. It wasn't an easy decision to make either. It was also the first time I didn't cry. It seemed to be the place I came to cry and just let everything out. 

By now I was pretty advanced at dowsing, to the extent that I no longer needed a pendulum. Though I didn’t realise that until someone at the seminar broke my pendulum. Silver linings, eh? 

I remember I started seeing flashes of energy, different colours. It was so quick I thought it was my imagination.

Thrown in the deep end: "You heal him" -- Wait, What?!


...There was a Shaolin Monk who Sean saved the life of. He had a rare blood disorder, most of his small intestine had been cut out and despite being a healer and doctor himself, he wasn’t able to heal himself. 
I remember we were talking about our top ten goals, and his translator said he was feeling unwell. 
Sean stopped talking about goals, turned to me and said “you heal him”. Whenever Sean talks about this, he will describe it as “throwing me in the deep end.” No kidding, it felt like I was going to drown!  
He just stood there and stared at me. Again, I looked around to see who he was staring at. 
I didn’t know what to do, I mean, I wanted to ask “why don’t you do it?” but I just couldn’t speak, there were too many people in the way of the exit and I felt trapped and cornered. It sounds stupid as I write this but my desire to hide was crippling.  
I closed my eyes and tried to control the overwhelming panic and ignore everyone and everything in the room.

I just visualised using a pendulum and then random things like pictures started coming up.

I did not understand what was going on, what these pictures meant or why they were changing as I felt things moving in myself and around me. 


I felt relieved and waited for the seminar to resume, more so I could pretend that it didn’t happen and try to breathe normally.

The flickering lightbulb moment.


...apart from the odd word. He had someone translate for him over the weekend he was there.

The Shaolin Monk, Kristian was sat opposite me. Leaning forward, he looked me in the eyes and said:

“You are a very powerful healer, you can see so many things, but you don’t realise it.” 


...I was so caught up in that it actually took me a while to digest what he said. 

On the way to the airport, someone said to me that it must have been a very exciting weekend for you. I replied “what do you mean?” It was such an absurd concept to grasp. Imagine, if you will, a girl who was used to hiding, who cried a lot and felt weak and pathetic suddenly being told that she is some powerful healer and just healed a Shaolin Monk? 

I call this the flickering light bulb moment; my abilities were awakened, yet I was still unaware and in denial. 

When we got to the airport, I started feeling weird and saw Sean looked to be on fire. I confided in the woman who was at the airport with me, a confidant of Sean’s at the time. She immediately text him but I told her not to take it seriously. She and everyone else around me seemed to take this more seriously where I stood in denial and almost in amusement of everything, a defence mechanism perhaps. 

I arrived back in London and things started to get weird. It was like someone switched a light on. I kept seeing energy in different forms, pictures, sceneries everywhere, colours, shadows etc. I wasn’t given a handbook and none of this made sense to me. 

Luckily, Sean took the time to explain that what I see isn’t literal (thankfully, because I freaked out after seeing ants in someones brain!) 

He helped me to translate what I was seeing and how to clear it. 

So after a few weeks, this again was a new exciting thing. I was seeking out and clearing energy, I would be on the tube and see people’s energy, I would clear the dysfunction and felt so happy that I could help someone have a better day. 

Curiosity killed the ego (and nearly me). 


So, as you can imagine, this was new and exciting, I felt pretty special, when it came to energy. 

My ego was ridiculously inflated with what I had been told recently and thought I was untouchable, energetically speaking. 

My new favourite hobby was to seek out negative energy just to clear it. One evening, I was looking into energy and I saw something that looked like a demonic shadow whisper in my right ear. The right side of my body lost function, my arm went limp and felt dead. 

My ego and arrogance was so far at this point I refused to admit I was scared and just cleared the energy. 

I was still scared (but wouldn’t admit it) and reached out to Sean. He said to be careful as my curiosity could land me in trouble.  

Did I listen?


I know, my stubborn ego. 

A few days later I was home alone, I felt weird and tired but I don’t recall, even now going to lie on my bed. 

I remember feeling like I couldn’t move.

My eyes were closed and I was in this deep heavy conscious sleep when this booming, frightening voice echoed with this almost deafening noise echoing inside and outside of my body simultaneously screamed: 


I felt like I was being pulled out of my body and dragged down. 

Even now I really don’t want to think where but I still remember that moment and it humbled my ego. 

A minor digression about my religious upbringing:

I was a raised Catholic until my Dad fell out with the Church and Pope because I was refused entry to the secondary catholic school. Up until that moment, I would have told you I was an atheist. For as long as I can remember, I never felt comfortable with the idea of God, it took me a long time, even after my experience to fully accept him in my own way, free of religious connotations. 

Aaaaand were back.

I continually begged and pleaded God for help. 

I felt this sudden eruption and I was being pulled up and back but this time up and past my body. I remember everything being incredibly bright and this chest being opened.

Sean later said this chest represented God giving me the key to access him.

I didn’t see God as a person, I just saw light and energy, it was actually difficult to comprehend because it seemed like seconds before I thought I was going to die yet I felt so calm in that moment. 

When I finally opened my eyes, everything seemed normal.

As you can imagine, I was extremely shaken. 

But, there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud:

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-07 at 20.21_edite

Finding Faith in a higher power.

A snapshot of my adventures in VA

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it took me nearly to the end of my trip in VA, participating in and witnessing so many miracles that I thought were impossible, to fully believe in God, or my version of God.

it was the first time I experienced God's energy.


...The universe is so vast, who or what was I even asking or connecting to? 

But, I also still didn’t feel comfortable with the concept of God, yet.

Even after this experience. It actually took multiple experiences and miracles before I could let go of my reservations, labels of how God should be, appear, work through, etc 

I text Sean, trying to act causal:

“I think I was dreaming or maybe experiencing sleep paralysis, but could you just check if there is anything I need to clear?” 

He bluntly replied my curiosity has landed me in trouble and asked if I really want to continue down this path? 

Of course not, 

I genuinely feared for my life and existence when I realised it wasn’t a dream. 

Another quick digression 

These experiences, whether you choose to believe me or not, is why I continually tell people to ask questions from whomever they are seeking healing from. Do they know what energy they are pulling in or attracting or connecting to?

Do they clear themselves of influences before they work on you? 

When I teach my clients, I check to make sure they are connecting to right place, whether we are in a session or not. 

Usually, the negative consequences or backlash in energy doesn’t have a fast physical manifestation, or we don’t notice it straight away. You might pay the price months or years later. You need to be responsible, aware and #stayhumble when you connect to and move energy. 

The mind-blowing summer in the blue-ridge mountains of Virginia.


Around this time, I was unaware (translation: too busy clearing everyone and everything but me) that I had an issue with my thyroid. I was struggling with my weight (you can see in my testimonial video, posted at the end of this story.) You might notice that despite my enthusiasm, I struggled to speak my truth and about energy directly because I didn’t want people to think I’m crazy and no one really talks about it, because it can’t be explained by science.

Thyroid issues are also linked to your throat chakra, your self-expression and speaking your truth. 

Up until this time, my energy work was focused on other people, my environment, the world, but never myself. Because I didn’t want to dig deeper than the surface level within my own issues. 

That summer was the most unexpectedly transformational summer of my life.

It was also the most difficult.

I was forced to continually turn inwards being continually challenged when I just wanted to hide, from myself. 

There was no place to hide, despite all of the acres and multiple buildings. There weren’t many distractions either. Just nature and you, limited WiFi and no cell reception. 

It’s the hardest thing, to face our truth. I strongly believe our dysfunction and issues are a distraction to our true selves or our fatal flaws. 

There was nowhere to hide, despite all of the acres and multiple buildings, there were also no distractions. Just nature and you, limited WiFi and no cell reception. 

It’s the hardest thing, to face our truth. I strongly believe our dysfunction and issues are a distraction to our true selves or our fatal flaws. 

A witness and participant to miracles


I witnessed someone’s dislocated rib that had been that way for many years, move without being touched. The woman was crying and she couldn’t believe it either. I was in awe, I couldn’t believe it despite seeing it. 

I also remember after a group prayer, the three of us were walking back to the big house to sleep, we all looked up simultaneously and I try not to embellish my stories but I have never seen so many stars appear in the sky as I did that night. It was incredible and I just stared in disbelieve as more appeared. I remember wondering how so many stars could fit in the sky as more appeared, there were that many! 

I witnessed and participated in things that are unbelievable and if I was by myself, I would have struggled to believe it. I witnessed the power in healing prayers, different healing modalities, including long-distance healing, energetic dysfunction beyond chakra and meridian, ancestral and archetype issues. 

Another time, I was talking to Sean about seeing broken branches and twigs from the previous nights storm (they were frequent) had fallen into crosses on the shortcut path to the kitchen.

Again I thought this was a coincidence, until it kept happening, on bothof the paths I took. There were days when it seemed like there were hundreds of perfectly formed crosses.

We were sat outside the farmhouse, which faces the entrance to the farm as I was telling him There were cows across the field in another farm, a beautiful, sunny day. 

Whilst Sean explained that God was telling me that I need to protect myself, I looked into the energy around this meaning. He then nudged me and told me to look at the cows. 

They had perfectly formed a cross shape!

I could not believe my eyes. I looked for the farmer or sheep/cow dog that was causing them to create this shape! I couldn't deny the signs this time. The sticks were easier to justify the probability of them just happening to form this shape (I know, the denial is strong in this one.

Something that surprised me was seeing Cancer in someone who I called Paleo Bill. 

He looked to be the healthiest person alive, strictly paleo, a chiropractor, in his fifties and yet

easily the fittest person I had ever met, with unlimited enthusiasm and energy. 


...I would like to point out he no longer has Cancer, should he ever read this. 
I also scared a lot of people during that summer.
People were fascinated and asked “what do you see when you look at my energy?” A difficult question to answer as no one wants to hear the negative parts or what they want to hide about themselves.

I told one person on a Skype call they had a tumour in his brain and their adverse reaction (understandable) made me regress and less willing to tell people what I really see.


...But Sean saw it too and prompted me to tell him as he was boarding a flight later that day.
I told them other things that I saw in his energy before this. This was a large part of why I hesitated to speak actively about what I do. 
I’d just say “I’m just a Health Coach” and redirect the conversation to what they do instead.

The growth-limiting contradiction between my desire to help and desire to hide. 


My family didn’t really understand the sudden deviation from pursuing a psychology career to what I do now.

My Dad was frequently vocal in his disappointment in me. 

My brother told members of my family and anyone who would listen that I was crazy. 

So, for a few years I continued helping people, the invisible person hiding behind her phone screen. I am particularly skilled in distance healing so it was never an issue that I hadn’t met the person I was helping. 

Featuring: The No Limits Coach


...Continuing to hide and afraid of being judged. I was afraid of what people might think (i.e. crazy) and my growth was redirecting me to being independent, fully expressed as myself and not being afraid of not fitting in or speaking my truth, until now. 

I also found it hard to find my “niche”. 

Whilst I was studying at IIN, as everyone was finding their "target market” and building their “brand”,I went through a few brands myself trying to find my audience.

The first was “Once Upon a Detox’ (this lasted about three weeks), followed by "The Pursuit of Healthiness.” I identified with this one during my turbulent battle with food and digestive issues. 

I know now that the people who need my help and who I can help will come to me. I am not right for everyone but I am right for the person who wants to overcome their issues, the impossible, the naysayers that condemn them to a debilitating existence because of their limited view of healing modalities. I want people to know that they always have an option, but they need to put the work in. 

I see myself as a Jack-Of-All-Trades coach.

Energy doesn’t have a set formula.

It defys logic and there are no limits when it comes to energy. 

It’s constantly changing, evolving, moving. 

Just as we are.


...Today, I can also hear, feel and even smell energy. I still call myself a psychic visionary but I don’t put limits on how I access or read energy. 

I am also always growing and overcoming my own unique set of issues and self aware. 

Another example of energy defying logic is revealed in how I clear energy;

Rarely do I clear someone’s physical pain from the location it’s felt. 

Fertility issues aren’t straightforward either, It’s not always a low sperm count or an issue that is obvious in the body.

Sometimes it’s trauma, its energy that doesn't reside in your body or past lives. 

I look into past lives, different places of a person’s existence, multi-generational issues or issues outside of the body which can be astrological or further. It could also affect someone’s business, relationships, etc. 

The bottom line is, I want to help people live a life without limitations, blind spots and more importantly, I want to empower people so they too can remove the unseen or unknown energetic blocks that are are causing them disharmony in their lives. 

As I continue to grow and expand my skillset, I might find that I am working with a niche. 

But right now, my niche is people who are willing to put the work in to achieve their goals and as my name implies: 

Live a life without limits